Allergic Dermatitis

What is Allergic Dermatitis? The basic definition of this common skin problem is a predisposition to develop itchy skin following exposure to substances that are usually harmless, but have triggered an immune system response. Two of the most common offenders are dust mites and pollen, which are incredibly difficult for pets to avoid, since dust mites are […]

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National Ferret Day

Today’s blog is about an animal that truly is the clown of the exotic mammal world. They are noble, smart, fearless, loving, and ever so slinky…The ferret. Ferrets can be great pets and make wonderful, furry additions to our families. Our job at AMC is to make sure they are healthy companions for as many […]

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National Kids and Pets Day (April 26th)

April 26th is National Kids and Pets Day! Created in 2005, this day is dedicated to celebrating the magical bond between kids and animals. This day also encourages pet adoption through local animal shelters – with an importance placed on safe interactions between kids and pets. Here are some safety tips between kids and pets: Dogs […]

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