Adopt a Cat Month

June 1 not only kicked off Adopt a Shelter Cat Month—it also marks the height of kitten season, which is the time of year when we see an increase in feline breeding.  You can help celebrate Adopt a Cat Month by adopting, volunteering and/or spreading the message of adoption. There are thousands of adoption events planned around the nation and your animal-loving friends might not know June is one of the best times of year to bring home a new feline friend.

Here some simple ways you can help cats in your area:

1. Share the Message on Social Media

Visit and select a long-term shelter cat near you who might need some extra attention. Post something like the following: “This cat has been in the shelter forever. June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month. Save a life: Adopt a Cat.” Be sure to copy and paste a photo or a link to your selected project cat.

Dedicate yourself to helping one long-term cat a week by tweeting his/her photo on Twitter, adding a post to Facebook or letting your friends know on Instagram. Let’s get these animals into lifetime homes and out of the shelters.

2. Help Shelters Stock Up on Supplies

Nearly every animal shelter has a wish-list of supplies they burn through each day or just need to help make their shelter a better place.

Choose one shelter or rescue and help them stock up before the rush of lost pets arrives courtesy of Fourth of July celebrations. You could also ask your community to adopt that shelter through the month of June by donating one or more wish-list items.

3. Foster a Cat (or Cat Family)

This is typically the month that no-kill shelters need the most help. Why not assist one by fostering a cat or two. Animal rescue groups need room to bring in and care for new animals. In many cases, entire families of mama-cat and her kittens just need a safe place to grow up for a few weeks.

Delegate one room of your home to serve as a “kitten nursery” or foster an older cat until a family is found. Many shelters help with all medical expenses and you will have the option to adopt if you so choose. This is a great way to help a rescue.

4. Educate Others

There are many ways you can educate others about cat rescue and adoption. One way is to visit Pinterest and find some fun, educational facts in a visual format and then share them via social media. (For example, here are some fun facts about Tabby Cats with plenty of visual cards you can share).

5. Buy an Adoption Gift Certificate for a Friend or Family Member

If you can’t adopt a cat, consider fostering one or whole cat family. Socialized cats and kittens stand a better chance of being adopted.
You should never give pets as gifts, but giving an adoption certificate is always appropriate. This could be the exact motivation a person needs to find a new best friend and change both their lives for the better.

Nearly all animal rescues offer gift certificates that allow you to pay for the cost of the adoption (which usually covers spay/neuter and vaccines, and ensures the pet is healthy). Don’t forget to encourage them to go the rescue and meet all the animals in June.

6. Promote Adoption to Kids

While it is adults who do the adopting, it is their children who will be inspired to carry on the tradition and help care for the next generations of animals.  You can help kids realize how important animal adoption is by encouraging a local youth group to visit a shelter and help out (e.g., cleaning enclosures, socializing pets or just reading to a cat). There are many opportunities to interact with animals who someone to show them love.

Who knows? The life you change might be your own.

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