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Injectable Heartworm Prevention

Introducing Injectable Heartworm Prevention   Veterinary medicine has come a long way and so has heartworm prevention.  The first heartworm prevention that we had was a daily tablet, and then came the monthly tablet prevention that we all know of.  Now there is another option for some patients.  Animal Medical Clinic now offers an injectable […]

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AMC Joins the Cat Friendly Practice Program

Cats are purring their way into the hearts and homes of the American public.  The cat is king, with more then 86 million cats loved as pets, compared to the 78 million dogs.  With the number of people choosing cats steadily increasing, the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) has initiated a program to improve […]

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Brevard County Pet Licenses

This year, Brevard County has changed the way that county licenses are done. Instead of getting a new tag every year, pets residing in Brevard County now get a permanent license tag that is just renewed yearly. Instead of purchasing your license at Animal Medical Clinic, you will now purchase your license directly from the […]

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Brevard County Licenses

This year, Brevard County has redesigned the annual county licenses for pets. Instead of getting a new tag every year, this year they are switching to a permanent tag for all pets. Fees will still be $10.00/year for spayed/neutered animals or first license for puppies and kittens, and $16.00/year for intact animals. Replacement tags are […]

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Best Vet in Town!

We are honored to have been nominated the “Best Vet in Town” for Melbourne. Best Vet in Town is an independently run website to help clients find a veterinarian in their area. “There are thousands of great veterinarians out there, and we strive to recognize their efforts. Pets are a part of our family and […]

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