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National Pet Diabetes Month

Diabetes is an enduring disease that has persisted through time, but in recent years there has been an increase in diagnoses. Many people may know diabetes as a metabolic disease, the body’s inadequate production or inability to use insulin. Diabetes in humans can either be inherited at an early age or developed later in life […]

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National Veterinary Technician Week

In honor of National Veterinary Technicians Week, we would like to highlight the role of a Vet Tech. The tasks vet techs often take on include drawing blood, placing catheters, assisting in surgery, managing anesthesia, and giving medications. In actuality, their duties encompass much, much more. In fact, it’s easier to list what they can’t […]

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Dealing With the Emotional Effects of Cancer in Your Pets

The word “cancer” is very powerful. It’s almost a taboo word, and can change the tone of a conversation to one of fear and dread, followed by silence. If the term is used by your veterinarian to discuss your beloved pet, it can shake you to your core. The emotional challenges of either having a […]

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Cat Friendly Practice

What is a Cat Friendly Practice®? The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) seeks to encourage and facilitate good quality veterinary care for cats. We recognize that there are unique challenges and difficulties in bringing your cat to a veterinary practice, including: Cats often do not travel well. Cats do not feel safe when they […]

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National Check the Chip Day

Follow the link below to view a brief video explaining why you should consider microchipping your pet: Pet owners, please take advantage of this reminder:  1) Make an appointment with your veterinarian for microchipping if your pet isn’t already microchipped (then make sure that your pet’s chip is immediately registered). 2) Check your already-microchipped […]

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