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Musculoskeletal Problems

As the weather gets cooler, we tend to see more musculoskeletal problems in our patients.  Musculoskeletal disease (disease that affects your pet’s bones, muscles and joints) can affect pets of all ages. They can have aches and pains just like we do. But, because of their survival instincts, they try to hide it. And in the […]

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Pledge to Help the Senior Pets

Many people walk into a shelter hoping to adopt a new puppy or kitten, completely overlooking the perfectly adoptable older dogs and cats. November is “Adopt a Senior Pet Month.”  During this month, your local shelters and rescue organizations will be trying to re-home their adoptable older pets. Just like puppy and kittens, older animals are […]

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Pet Diabetes

November is National Pet Diabetes Month and we want to encourage pet owners to become more aware of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. What is Diabetes? Diabetes mellitus, the medical name for diabetes, is a disease caused by a lack of insulin that affects the level of glucose, or sugar, in your dog or […]

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Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner!  During this season, fun events and family gatherings occur in many households and for many pet owners, dressing up their pet is a tradition every year. As most pet owners scramble to put the finishing touches on their own costumes, some are scrounging for the cutest or scariest attire […]

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