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Traveling with your pet

Traveling with your Animal for the Holidays?? If you’re planning to fly with Fido over the holidays, there are some things you may want to keep in mind before taking to the skies. Before you leave home:  The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends making sure your pet is healthy enough to travel. Some pets should […]

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Injectable Heartworm Prevention

Introducing Injectable Heartworm Prevention   Veterinary medicine has come a long way and so has heartworm prevention.  The first heartworm prevention that we had was a daily tablet, and then came the monthly tablet prevention that we all know of.  Now there is another option for some patients.  Animal Medical Clinic now offers an injectable […]

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Here's a Treat for You

From Dr. Bob Encinosa, Boyette Animal Hospital, Riverview FL Who doesn’t love to give their dog or cat an occasional treat ? We love treats ourselves and since pets are a part of our families, why shouldn’t they be allowed a little tasty pleasure as well. My family is certainly no exception. We buy all […]

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Toys for Dogs Left at Home Alone

The Kong The granddaddy of all work-to-eat toys, the Kong is a chew toy made of nearly indestructible rubber. It was originally based on a part of a Volkswagen bus’ suspension device that the creator’s German Shepherd found particularly irresistible. Kongs can be stuffed with a wide variety of yummies. Kong sells specially shaped treats […]

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Does Your Dog Know How to Swim?

They didn’t coin the term “doggy paddle” because dogs stay on shore. Many dogs enjoy swimming as much as people do, and cool times in the local swimming spot are irreplaceable summer experiences. But you have to look out for your pet around water, since even the strongest, most enthusiastic swimmers can get into trouble. […]

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Heartworm Disease & Your Pet

Heartworm infection is acquired by a dogs and cats through the bite of an infected mosquito. It penetrates the tissue of an infected animal then migrates to the pet’s bloodstream from which it enters his heart and lungs.  Surveys of veterinary clinics conducted by the American Heartworm Society, cited by the Companion Animal Parasite Council […]

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