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Year-Round Heartworm Prevention

The FDA Issues Call for Pets to be on Year-Round Heartworm Prevention The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has released an update suggesting that owners consider keeping their pets on heartworm preventatives all year round.  Heartworm is a parasitic disease found all over North America. It is not directly contagious between pets but is spread […]

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Injectable Heartworm Prevention

Introducing Injectable Heartworm Prevention   Veterinary medicine has come a long way and so has heartworm prevention.  The first heartworm prevention that we had was a daily tablet, and then came the monthly tablet prevention that we all know of.  Now there is another option for some patients.  Animal Medical Clinic now offers an injectable […]

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New Grooming Products

For our patients, we carry a line of Veterinary grooming products from Stratford Pharmaceuticals.  We carry shampoos and conditioners for a variety of issues from prescription shampoos for certain medical conditions to over the counter products that keep your pet clean and healthy.  We are now carrying the Pearl-Brite Oatmeal shampoo for brightening white coats, […]

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Cerenia for Motion Sickness

As many of us know, motion sickness can be very troublesome when trying to get somewhere.  Unfortunately, many pets are also affected with motion sickness when travelling.  Lucky for them, we have an option to help calm upset stomachs. Cerenia, a mediation frequently used with pets for acute vomiting, can also be used to prevent […]

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Introducing Frontline Tritak!

Here in Florida, we know that fleas can be a major concern for you and your pets.  That’s where new Frontline Tritak comes in. From the makers of Frontline Plus, Frontline Tritak for dogs is a new improved formula, sold exclusively through veterinarians. They have added cyphenothrin to their fipronil and (S)-methoprene combination to kill fleas and […]

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New Products!

We are pleased to announce our new and updated in house laboratory! The ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer is our new Complete Blood Count machine. It requires a smaller amount of blood from your pet, and give us the results in 2 minutes! The Catalyst DX Chemistry Analyzer looks at all the body systems including the […]

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