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National Hurricane Preparedness Week (24th-30th)

How to prepare your pets for a hurricane Hurricanes are a scary threat to anyone who lives near the coast. Follow these tips before and during a storm to keep your pet safe. Before the storm, find out which evacuation shelters allow pets. Many pet owners complain that they were turned away from evacuating shelters […]

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National Ferret Day

Happy National Ferret Day! In honor of the holiday, brush up on your knowledge about one of our most favorite (and longest) pets. Ferrets have been domesticated for quite a while. They are related to polecats.  Ferrets are the domesticated subspecies of European polecats. When threatened, ferrets will dance. In the wild, ferrets perform a […]

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National Immunization Awareness Month

August is here, which means it is National Immunization Awareness Month! Just like us, it’s important for our pets to stay on top of their vaccines and immunizations. Giving your pets their regular vaccinations is a key to a long and healthy life. Regardless of whether you keep your pets inside or not, vaccines are […]

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Boarding Services

Did you know Animal Medical Clinic has full-service boarding available? Sometimes it’s tough to know where to turn when your furry family member needs a temporary place to stay while you’re away. Our boarding facility is clean, cheery, and is staffed by caring attendants who will love your pet each day. Dogs: We provide air-conditioned […]

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Rabbits & Pocket Pets

Although the ancestors of today’s hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, mice, rabbits and chinchillas were wild animals, the “pocket” pets we keep in our homes today are captive-bred and completely dependent on human caretakers for food, care, company and protection. These small mammals merit the same status in pet society as their larger counterparts. Rabbits […]

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