Dr. Godwin attends course on Circular and Hybrid External Fixators for Fracture Repair

On August 10-13, Dr. Godwin traveled to Dallas, Texas for a course on the biomechanics and applications of circular and hybrid external fixators.  External fixators are devices used to manipulate the bones in fracture repair and other conditions.  Pins are inserted through the skin into the bone, and then once the bones are aligned the pins are clamped to external frames to hold everything in place.  We have been using linear fixators for years, which clamp the pins to straight external bars.  Now we have the ability to use circular external frames, which give more flexibility in certain situations.  Hybrid frames use a combination of circular and linear components.  Besides fracture repair, these fixators can be used for correction of limb deformities, and even for leg lengthening procedures.

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