National Check the Chip Day

Microchipping can be a lifesaver for pets, helping to reunite lost or stolen pets with their owners. But the chip is only as good as its registration.

To raise awareness about the importance of updating microchip registration information, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) established Check the Chip Day (August 15) in an effort to ensure more happy endings for lost or stolen pets.

When a lost pet is found by Good Samaritans, it is often taken to a veterinary hospital or an animal shelter to be scanned for a microchip. If the pet has a microchip, the shelter or animal hospital that scans the chip can contact the owner and arrange for the pair to be reunited. 

However, too many times pet owners move, or change phone numbers, and forget to update the contact information associated with their pet’s microchip. When a shelter or animal hospital tries to contact the owner of the pet in these instances, they get disconnected numbers and returned emails that bounce back.

While it is important to microchip your pet, it is just as important to be sure the contact information on the microchip is up to date.  Check the Chip provides an annual reminder for pet owners to pause and check that the contact information associated with their pet’s microchip is up to date.

National Check the Chip day invites pet owners to contact their veterinarian to have their pets scanned to ensure their microchip information registered and the contact information is current.

Microchips provide pet owners with peace of mind that their pets will be returned to them if they ever get lost.  However, some pet owners forget to register their microchip with their correct contact information. Without updated information registered to a microchip, a pet’s chances of returning to his or her owner are jeopardized.

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