National Pet Obesity Awareness Day – October 11th

Chloe is a10.5year old Miniature Dachshund who is loved and cared for by Elizabeth VanHamel. Chloe hasn’t always lived with Elizabeth, but it seems they were destined to be together, it took eight years for them to find each other.

Chloe lived with a sweet elderly lady, whom loved Chloe dearly. Eventually, caring for Chloe became too much for her and she decided to surrender her to the local animal shelter. It was not an easy decision, so it was not a quick goodbye for the two, but a sad one that lasted a few hours. While they sat together in a room at the shelter, the attending officer remembered nice lady who had just adopted a dachshund a few days prior who has said “think of me if another dachshund comes through, I always like having two.” That officer called Elizabeth VanHemel.  She shared what she was witnessing with Chloe and Elizabeth just knew she had to go rescue this girl.

When Elizabeth laid eye on Chloe, she was a bit surprised by Chloe’s size. She was used to Miniature Dachshunds who weighed 15-17 pounds, and Chloe was obese, tipping the scales at nearly 26 pounds! Almost TWICE her desired body weight.

They hopped in the car and came straight to Animal Medical Clinic for an examination. Chloe appeared to be in good health overall despite the weight and some dental disease (common with dachshunds). She was prescribed a prescription diet to reduce her weight, Hills Prescription R/D, and was scheduled for a professional dental cleaning. Elizabeth has worked diligently at reducing Chloe’s weight for the past 2 years and 4 months that they have been together. Today, Chloe weighs a much healthier 15 pounds, but more important than the number on the scale, is the improvement in her attitude and overall quality of life that Elizabeth has noted.

Being overweight predisposes our furry friends to a number of health problems. While weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, Chloe’s weight loss journey in her new home is evidence that with hard work and determination, it can be done. Way to go Elizabeth and Chloe!  If your know that your pet is a bit portly, make an appointment with us to evaluate the situation and help you with a solution to better health.

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