Pet Appreciation Week

Did you know that Pet Appreciation Week is June 4-10th? Pets definitely enrich our lives in many ways. They provide unconditional love, friendship, cuddles and kisses, and plenty of laughter and entertainment! Here are some great suggestions on how to celebrate this special week.


Why not take Fido on a special outing? Try out a new dog park or hiking trail, or visit a dog-friendly café. As you probably know, our canine pals love special snacks. Make or buy your pup some healthy, yummy treats, like doggy ice cream or cakes. Another cute idea is to spend part of the week making your yard a dog-friendly playground. Last but not least, new toys are always a hit with Man’s Best Friend!


If you tell Fluffy it’s Pet Appreciation Week, there’s a good chance she’ll just yawn and curl up for a nap, but if you toss her a new catnip toy, she’ll probably perk up. If your kitty doesn’t have a cat tower or window perch, this is a great time to get her one. You can also pamper your furball by getting her a comfy new bed, or giving her some cat grass. Simple cuddle time is also a cat-approved way to show your cat some appreciation. There are worse ways to spend an evening than being cat furniture for a sleepy, purring feline!

Pocket Pets

Gerbils, hamsters, Guinea pigs, and rabbits may be small, but they need love, too! See if you can get your little one a bigger or better habitat. New chew toys, like apple sticks or wicker shapes, are another cute way to make your tiny furball feel happy and loved. You can also give your tiny furball some special snacks, like pet-safe berries or herbs.


Snakes and lizards can also be pampered! Consider upgrading or renovating your scaled buddy’s habitat, perhaps by adding new décor, such as a climbing branch or a hide-hole. This is also a great time to get your pet a special snack, though of course this will depend on your pet’s species.

Pet Appreciation Week is also a great time to take pictures of your animal pal. Share your photos, and help spread the word about this great way to celebrate our beloved pets!

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