Spring has sprung and so have the fleas!


This week was the official start of spring. Now that everything is in full bloom you might want to prepare yourself for fleas.  As the warm weather rolls out, so do the fleas. While the trees are budding and the flowers are blooming, there’s never a better time to get outside and enjoy the spring weather with your pup. From swimming in the lake to romping through the woods, there are tons of fun activities you and your dog will get into. If you’re ready to enjoy the sunshine with your best buddy, you need make sure he’s ready for whatever fun lies ahead.


As spring comes along and the weather warms up, you and your dog love to soak it up. Unfortunately, so too do fleas. While it’s practically impossible to completely avoid fleas and ticks outside, there are a number of steps you can take to try and minimize their interaction with your dog.

Fleas begin feeding and breeding as soon as winter ends, laying hundreds to thousands of eggs. This is bad news for your pup, as his coat is the perfect place to burrow in and start a nice, big, buggy family. Also, when biting your dog, fleas and ticks can transmit infectious diseases.

Fleas flourish in warm climates. The ideal temperature for these parasites is within the 70 to 85 degree range, but they can live in cooler and warmer temperatures as well. For many states, the most prevalent seasons for fleas are spring and summer, or roughly from May through September. For southern and southwestern states, the flea season typically occurs year round.

One way to reduce the fleas and ticks around your house is to analyze your landscaping. Since fleas and ticks thrive in shaded, cool areas, minimize these areas around your home.  Keep bushes, grass, and shade trees trimmed up and under control. Dried out soil and direct sunlight lead to an inhospitable environment for fleas and ticks.

When it comes to fleas, prevention is the key! So beat the flea this spring and make sure your pets are protected!  Talk to us about the best flea prevention products for your pet.

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