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National Veterinary Technician Week (15th -21st)

This week, we pay special honor to our Certified Veterinary Technicians. The Basic Job Description of a Veterinary Technician The job of the veterinary technician is to take care of technical tasks, so the veterinarian can focus on his or her job. The tasks vet techs often take on include drawing blood, placing catheters, assisting […]

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Eight Tips for Comfort and Care

Has your cat or dog been recently diagnosed with cancer? Are you anxious to do all you can do to save and care for your beloved pet, whatever it takes? Here are eight tips on how to do the best for your pet (and yourself) in this most difficult time. Focus on being happy, even […]

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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day – October 11th

Chloe is a10.5year old Miniature Dachshund who is loved and cared for by Elizabeth VanHamel. Chloe hasn’t always lived with Elizabeth, but it seems they were destined to be together, it took eight years for them to find each other. Chloe lived with a sweet elderly lady, whom loved Chloe dearly. Eventually, caring for Chloe […]

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Cancer Awareness Month

We are designating October as Pet Cancer Awareness month, with the goal of educating pet owners about the detection and treatment of cancer in pets.  All pets, regardless of size and breed, are at risk for developing cancer. However, there are certain breeds of dogs that have higher instances of the disease than others. Certain […]

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30 Year Anniversary – Jane Murphy

All of us from Animal Medical Clinic would like to wish a happy 30 year anniversary to Jane! Jane graduated from Eastern Florida State College with her degree in Veterinary Technology.  Her clinical interests include dentistry and canine behavior, but her main interests are dogs, dogs and more dogs!  She also likes riding her Harley when […]

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Dr. Godwin attends course on Circular and Hybrid External Fixators for Fracture Repair

On August 10-13, Dr. Godwin traveled to Dallas, Texas for a course on the biomechanics and applications of circular and hybrid external fixators.  External fixators are devices used to manipulate the bones in fracture repair and other conditions.  Pins are inserted through the skin into the bone, and then once the bones are aligned the […]

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