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Healthy Skin

The general condition of your dog’s skin and coat are good indicators of its health. A healthy coat should be shiny and smooth, not brittle or coarse, and healthy skin should be supple and clear, not greasy, flaky or bumpy. Although health and nutrition influence the luster and texture of your pet’s coat from the […]

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Breeds Prone to Skin Problems

While we are blessed with the pets in our lives, we also encounter problems with our pets that can be sad and/or frustrating. I refer, of course, to allergies and other skin disorders. Our dogs sometimes scratch and shed, and get ugly scars or hairless patches on their skin. All dogs scratch. But when dogs […]

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Allergic Dermatitis

What is Allergic Dermatitis? The basic definition of this common skin problem is a predisposition to develop itchy skin following exposure to substances that are usually harmless, but have triggered an immune system response. Two of the most common offenders are dust mites and pollen, which are incredibly difficult for pets to avoid, since dust mites are […]

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Healthy Skin & Coat

An important part of maintaining a healthy pet is ensuring he or she has healthy skin and a healthy coat. Just like humans, a dog and cat’s skin and coat is a barrier of protection to the outside world.  The skin and coat protect the bones, muscles and internal organs, and it helps maintain a […]

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