60th Anniversary of Animal Medical Clinic

In 1964, Dr. Harold Nelson achieved his dream of opening a veterinary practice in Melbourne.  He had grown up in this area and always wanted to be a veterinarian in his home town.  People asked him why he built the practice so far out of town, because there was nothing much else around south Babcock Street in those days.  But the city has grown, and so has the practice, by keeping the focus on providing high quality medical care and exceptional client service.

Today we have 3 locations and a staff of 16 veterinarians to serve you.  Every one of our fantastic team members is passionate about animals and finds fulfillment in helping you care for them.  Sixty years is quite a milestone, but we wouldn’t be here if it were not for the opportunity that you, our clients, give us to help provide for your pets.  Thank you very much.  We look forward to the next 60 years!