AAHA Accreditation Day

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accredited Hospital Day is July 22. AAHA has designated this day as an opportunity to educate pet owners about what accreditation means for their pets and to thank accredited hospitals for holding themselves to a higher standard. AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day is held each year to celebrate champions for excellent veterinary care.

AAHA-accredited hospitals go above and beyond, and the work they do to provide excellent care deserves recognition. AAHA is eager to acknowledge and celebrate these champions for excellent care.

The mission of AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day is to highlight the exceptional care provided by AAHA-accredited hospitals and to educate pet owners about the value of accreditation. Only 12–15 percent of veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada are AAHA-accredited.

AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals are home to leading pet health care teams. AAHA has been recognizing veterinary hospitals for their commitment to maintaining high standards of care for more than 80 years. To be eligible for AAHA accreditation, hospitals must pass a 900-point evaluation that assesses safety protocols, equipment, veterinary knowledge, and other fundamental areas of pet health care.

Our 3 hospital are proud of our prestigious status, and we are excited about the opportunity to talk to our clients and community about what accreditation means and why an AAHA-accredited hospital is the right choice for their pets.