Bring out the Hunter in Your Cat

Are you looking for a way to keep your house cat satisfied and healthy?

If you are, then this article about the best hunting feeders and food dispensers for cats is the one for you! I will list five products that I think will work great for your feline friend and you. They will keep your cat occupied and active so they can stay healthy and happy, and always ready for playtime with their favorite human!

What Do Cat Hunting Feeders Do?

Wild cats survive by hunting for food and it is in their natural instinct to do so even if they are stuck inside your four walls, and not outside in the wild. Since there is nothing cats can hunt for food when they are inside, hunting feeders for cats come to save the day. Cat owners need to help their domestic cats to have the best lifestyle possible if they want their pets to stay healthy and happy. Providing cats with products that dispense food and provide cats with hunting prey alternative is going to help achieve that.

Prevents Destructive Cat Behavior

The pet supply market is rapidly growing and coming up with different solutions to help solve any situation pet owners might have with their pets. If you find your cat is bored a lot, you should consider buying a hunting feeder that will simulate hunting for prey away from the wilderness. This could also work if your cat is becoming impossible to keep in order because it is not entertained enough and wants to keep more active. Providing it with a cat hunting food dispenser will make their destructive behavior into something positive. It will keep active and hunt for food at the same time.

Keeps Cats Happy and Healthy

When cats run around and hunt for the food, their minds are occupied and they also get to train their physique to stay healthy. Exercise is important if you have a domestic cat because lying down and eating for most of the day could make your cat obese. To keep your cat happy and healthy you need to be able to provide it with fun activities that will also help you bond with your four-legged friend.

What Kinds Of Cat Hunting Feeders Are There?

The cat hunting feeders and food dispensers are usually designed so your cat has to hunt to reach the food inside different food compartments. Other kinds include a feeding ball that dispenses food when the cat chases it around the house and stays active that way. Some hunting feeders and food dispensers stimulate your cat’s brain and train them to hunt and reach for food that is hidden away. All of these products will stimulate the cats’ natural instincts to help them stay fed. The hunting feeders encourage your cat to stay active by rewarding them with food, which will, in turn, make your cat happy.

Here are some feeders we recommend:

  1. Doc and Phoebe Cat Feeder
  2. Cat Food Ball
  3. Catit Sense 2.0 Digger for Cats
  4. Eoocoo Tumbler Automatic Cat Foraging Play Toy
  5. Catit Sense 2.0 Food Tree