Fear of Fireworks

Why do dogs fear fireworks?

This is best answered by understanding how dogs experience fireworks. Dogs have heightened senses of smell and sound – far superior to our own. To an unsuspecting pooch, fireworks are loud explosions, emitting light and an unusual odor. Fireworks are not an everyday occurrence, which adds to the terror for our fury friend’s experience. Their ability to comprehend the situation is minimal, you can’t explain to your pet what is happening. Our pets are creatures of routine with a great fight or flight response and an unexpected explosion can be terrifying, creating a range of responses depending on your pet.

If you already know your dog experiences storm or noise phobias, it is likely they will have the same reaction to fireworks.

Dangers of firework phobia

Phobias in dogs can be destructive and dangerous, to them and to others. If your dog experiences storm phobia there is a good chance fireworks will pose a similar problem. All pets will react differently – some will insist on being close and you will find yourself with a new bed buddy, or they will hide under a bed, or cower in a corner. Dogs, in particular, will often try to run away from the loud noise fireworks produce and can end up going missing from home. Frightened dogs have been known to severely injure themselves in their desperate attempts to escape the sound. These injuries can be from wounds from jumping over or digging under fences that normally contain them, jumping through glass windows, and car accidents.

Anxiety from fireworks can also cause tremors to the point where heat stress can occur from muscles continually contracting, which is life threatening.

Signs your dog is scared of fireworks

Dogs who are scared of fireworks can show a number of different signs. If fireworks are taking place near you, watch out for these following signs in your pooch:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Excessive barking
  • Following you around anxiously and remaining close at all times – looking to you for comfort
  • Hiding/cowering
  • Experiencing tremors or shaking
  • Excessive licking or scratching
  • Wide eyes
  • Attempting to escape

Top tips for keeping your dog safe during fireworks

How do you calm down a dog scared of fireworks? There are a number of measures you can put in place, both before fireworks start and during, to keep your pet safe. Here are a few of our tips:

  • Know when fireworks are expected so you can prepare early.
  • Ensure your pet exercises beforehand, as a tired and well-fed pet can be less anxious.
  • Supervision is important to help prevent your pet from escaping or injuring themselves. If you aren’t able to supervise, consider making arrangements with someone who can.
  • Keep your dog inside if possible. This will not only reduce the sound of the fireworks for them but also ensure they don’t run away.
  • Create a safe, quiet place inside with a comfortable hiding place, and close blinds to reduce visual stimuli. Pets will usually show their preferences for hiding places, such as in closets or under the bed. It is best to allow them to go where they feel safe.
  • Use music or the TV to mask the noise.
  • Remain calm, perform normal activities and avoid fussing over your pet as this can encourage anxious behavior.
  • Distract them with games, favorite toys and treats.
  • Don’t punish your pet for being afraid. This is a normal reaction and punishment can lead to their behavior worsening. It is best to offer comfort and use distraction techniques.
  • Ensure your fence and gates are secure and your pet can’t easily escape through, under or over them.
  • Ensure your pet is microchipped and details are up to date, in case they do escape.
  • Gradual exposure and positive reinforcement can help desensitize your pet.
  • Speak with your vet about treating noise phobias through behavioral programs, herbal supplements, pheromone sprays or medication.

If you think your pet might benefit from a supplement or medication to help them stay calm, give us a call.