FVMA Annual Conference

The weekend of May 16th, Dr. Young, Dr. Craig and Dr. Loper and Dr. Godwin attended the 90th FVMA Annual Conference in Tampa, Fl. The Annual Conference provided our veterinarians with an outstanding scientific program coupled with unique social and networking activities and events to provide an excellent weekend of enrichment, exchange and enjoyment.

Our doctors each attended a variety of classes but some of their favorites were:

  • Dr. Young: Anesthesia and pain management, endocrinology, diabetes, and dermatology
  • Dr. Craig: diabetes, chronic diarrhea in dogs and cats, and approaches to the febrile dog and cat.
  • Dr. Loper: Echocardiogram, backyard chickens (chicken medicine) and several surgical topics
  • Dr. Godwin: Breathing problems, urinary tract surgery, care of neurologic patients, bone cancer, elbow disease and ear infections

We appreciate all their efforts on bringing what they’ve learned back to AMC!