Going Green

In an effort to reduce waste and create a more eco-friendly environment Animal Medical Clinic started going green back in 2011! If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we used to use paper files. Our entire reception area was nothing but bookcases of patient files! Going paperless has significantly reduced the amount of paper we used. Now, we only print when it’s necessary and have paper recycle bins all throughout the hospital. In addition, we have switched all our light fixtures to energy-saving LED bulbs and made efforts to use natural lighting by adding skylights in some areas of our hospital. Our doctors use cloth gowns instead of disposable ones, we use Energy-Star appliances and we set our thermostats to 78 degrees and turn lights off when there are no patients or staff in that zone.

We encourage every business to do what they can and start small if they have to. We do our best to make realistic changes that can easily be incorporated into our daily activity. If you have any suggestions it would be great to hear!