Introducing Dr. Mary Kaufman

Despite being born in Indiana and raised in Connecticut, Dr. Kaufman’s childhood dream career was actually to become a dolphin trainer! To that end, she pursued undergraduate degrees in marine science, biology, and psychology at the University of Miami. In her second year, she participated in a dolphin training internship in Key Largo. It was here where she was first exposed to minor medical procedures that occurred on site (dolphins can’t drive down to the neighborhood vet very easily). This is what sparked her interest in the veterinary field. “I thought it was amazing what these doctors could detect and treat on animals that couldn’t tell them what was wrong, or even leave the water readily. I wanted to be the one to help, not just train them, but heal them as well.

”After this, I added on the pre-vet track and threw myself into volunteering at all the small animal clinics I could get my hands on, while also creating and piloting a veterinary internship with the same dolphin facility for the next summer. After working with cats, dogs, and dolphins, I knew there was no job better suited for me than being a veterinarian – I get to be both analytical and caring; I get to see the animals I love, and help fix the things that are hurting them.”

From Miami she traveled to the University of California, Davis for veterinary school. She studied every animal from tiny tree frogs and fish to humongous giraffes and whales. It was clear to her that nothing exceeded the love that pet parents have for their cats and dogs, and she wanted to be able to help nurture that on a daily basis.

”I have worked as a small animal veterinarian here in Florida for a couple of years prior to finding Animal Medical Clinic, and I couldn’t be happier to be here! I have a special interest in diagnostic imaging, specifically ultrasonography, as well as soft tissue surgery and preventative care.”

Dr. Kaufman’s hobbies include anything ocean related (i.e. scuba diving, snorkeling, paddling, boating) or mountain related (i.e. snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, white water rafting). She also has a small zoo of pets at home – Sadie the golden retriever, George and Carl the cats, Rue the gerbil, and a 75-gallon fish tank.