Love Your Pet Day

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! Even though we love our pets every day of the year, it’s not stopping us from dedicating an entire day to show them how much we care. Do you need some help coming up with the perfect way to celebrate this special day with your pet? We have some great ideas for you. And don’t worry, your furry friend will never know that you didn’t come up with the ideas yourself.

    1. Spoil your pet with a new toy

Pets love toys and they can be great training tools. New toys are a great way to stimulate the body and mind, and playing together is an easy way to spend quality time together.

    1. Arrange a playdate

If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, a playdate is an easy and fun way to let your dog burn off energy and get some valuable social time with other dogs. If you have friends with pets, they might also be up for a play date. However, it’s important to note that not all dogs enjoy the company of other dogs. If your otherwise friendly dog can get snappy at other dogs in the dog park, take him for a walk alone or try a smaller playdate with just one or two dogs.

    1. Make homemade dog treats

Making dog treats at home is another fun way to celebrate Love Your Pet Day. And the best thing is, it’s easy! Our four-legged friends are easy to satisfy and simple homemade treats will make them more than happy. Homemade dog treats are not only a treat for your dog but also assure you that there are no colorants, attractants and preservatives included. In addition, you can bake them suitable to the taste of your dog (be as creative as you like) and avoid sugar and toxic foods.

4. Doggie spa day

Does your dog need a fresh haircut, or maybe just a really good bath? Schedule a wellness day or a trip to the groomer for a bath, ear cleaning or nail trim. Your pet will feel and smell better, and you will get a small break.

5. Share a pic of your pet

Let’s face it, we constantly take photos of our dogs anyway, so why not make a Love Your Pet Day photo shoot? Capture the best moments of your pet and print out your favorite pics.  Nothing says “I love my pet” more than telling the whole world he’s the best!

6. Extra play time

Throw the ball a few more times or stay a little longer at the dog park to keep your pet healthy and active. An extra walk around the block will definitely also make your pup happy.

8. Share the love

Whether or not you own a pet, everyone can celebrate Love Your Pet Day. If you have a love for animals in general, you can celebrate by helping out a four-legged friend in need. Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is a great way to celebrate Love Your Pet Day because there’s nothing better than giving an animal in need the gift of a loving family. If you already have a pet at home (or if you don’t have the time for a pet yourself), you can also donate blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organizations, or simply just volunteer your time at the local shelter.