National Bird Day

On January 5, 2008, the United States first celebrated National Bird Day. National Bird Day celebrates “the beauty, song, and flight of birds,” as well as their role as indicators of ecosystem health.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate National Bird Day:

Build a birdhouse

Birds need housing, just like every other animal. As we continue to deforest large swaths of the planet for development, it’s imperative for us to create birdhouses to make up for – even just a fraction – the loss of habitat they face every day.

Feed some birds

Bread crumbs, nuts, and seeds. If you have some trail mix you don’t want anymore, birds would love you. In fact, if you have chickens you can actually feed them most food and table scraps and they’ll gobble it (had to!) right up.

Study some birds

This is the time to brush up on your bird knowledge and reflect on the role of birds in our lives.

Watch some birds

According to the U.S. census, more Americans watch birds than play baseball and American football combined. By joining the quiet ranks of the country’s birdwatchers, you’ll discover a vast new hobby and a huge number of quietly contented people who can give you new insight into your place in this fragile world. Talk about a reason to try a new hobby!

Adopt a bird

Rather than buying a bird from a breeder, why not adopt a rescued bird and help ease the problems facing birds across the United States. National Bird Day is an opportunity for us all to get educated on the needs of captive birds—from regular water and light to an absence of air pollution—and to consider how we are helping or hindering birds’ chances in our wider world.