National Check the Chip Day

Microchips greatly increase the chances that pets will be reunited with their families if they are lost or stolen…but a microchip only works if its registration information is accurate. National Check the Chip Day was created by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association to encourage pet owners to check their pet’s microchip information annually and keep it up-to-date. By doing this yearly, you increase your pet’s chances of returning home if lost!

If your pet is microchipped:

Check your pet’s registration information in the microchip manufacturer’s database to ensure all contact information is current. To do this, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your pet’s microchip through their web site or by phone and give them your pet’s microchip number.

If you do not know the manufacturer of your pet’s microchip, AAHA’s Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool can help. This internet-based application is linked to the registries of the majority of microchip manufacturers and allows a quick database search of any microchip made by these manufacturers. Simply enter your pet’s microchip number and the application will generate the name of the manufacturer.  Don’t know your pet’s microchip number? We’re happy to help! Simply bring your pet to the hospital and we will scan him/her for you.

If your pet is not microchipped:

Did you know we offer Microchipping?  To get your pet microchipped is pretty simple here at AMC. The appointment is scheduled with one of our veterinary technicians. They simply inject the microchip, which is about the size of a grain of rice (12mm long), beneath the surface of your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. The process is similar to a vaccination and takes only a few seconds. No anesthetic is required.

Make an appointment with us! It only takes a few minutes and we can register your pet immediately. Call us at (321) 727-2421.