National Kids & Pets Day

Today is National Kids and Pets Day, which celebrates the bond between children and their pets.

Studies have shown that children in households with pets score higher in terms of ability to undertake responsibilities. Having a pet can make a shy child more outgoing by instilling social confidence. Learning disabled children might benefit from reading aloud to a pet and can achieve more academic success. Animals can also give children a sense of comfort and security, allowing them to grow into more confident adults.

In addition to emotional development, there have been noted health benefits to raising children with pets. It has been shown that kids raised in families with household pets suffer from fewer allergies, such as asthma, than children raised without pets.

National Kids and Pets day is a wonderful time to recognize the benefits of pet ownership for children. With good common sense, you can help improve your child’s health and development by fostering and nurturing the friendship between them and their animals.

To celebrate, share pictures of your kids with their pets, or tell us your favorite memory of your childhood pet.