National Pet ID Week

National Pet ID Week is for seven days starting April 17th. This national week gives pet owners a great reminder to make sure their pet’s identification is up-to-date. ID tags and microchips give lost pets the best chance possible to be reunited with their owners.

How to Observe National Pet ID Week

We recommend every pet owner prepare for a lost pet. Pet identification is a crucial step to keep pets safe. Even the most well-behaved cats and dogs can get lost, runoff unexpectedly or get separated from their owners.  It is a helpless and stressful feeling to know that your pet is lost without identification.

Two popular ways to ID your pet are to use a collar with a tag, and/or to use a microchip.  Collar tags are historically the most common. Pet owners can get personalized tags from their veterinarian. This week, make sure your pet’s tags are correct and have the most up-to-date information on them. Also, check to make sure the information is readable and hasn’t been scratched or worn away.

Microchips are meant to be another level of protection.  Unlike a tag, a microchip can’t get lost or removed. If your pet is microchipped, this week is a good time to see that it is working.  Come by the clinic and let us scan it for you.  Also, did you register your microchip with the manufacturer so they can trace the number back to you? Do you have the microchip brand, the 1-800 number of the company, and the microchip number of your pet in an easily accessible place? These are all great questions to ask yourself, and ways to celebrate National Pet ID Week!