National Puppy Day

Prepare yourselves for an overdose of cuteness, because March 23rd is National Puppy Day! Established in 2006, National Puppy Day is a paw-some day for all dog enthusiasts to celebrate puppies’ unconditional love and fawn over the undeniably cute furballs that bring so much joy into this world. While we’re all softies when it comes to cute photos of our four-legged friends, today is also designed to raise awareness about puppy mills and help prospective pet owners consider adoption. Sit back, relax, and indulge in the endless stream of adorable puppy photos, but keep in mind that today might be the best excuse to bring home a fluffy canine as your next best friend!

Why We Love National Puppy Day

  1. They’re Great Listeners
    Puppies are a judgement-free, guilt-free zone. No matter how big or how small the problem, they’re always there to comfort and lick your problems away.
  2. They Sniff Out Health Problems
    Studies show that babies raised in close contact with a puppy get sick less often than those who aren’t. Not only do they help build up our immune system against allergens but their strong sense of empathy promotes a low stress, nurturing environment. Puppies can help you “shed” health problems.
  3. They Keep Us Active and Reduce Stress
    Let’s face it, puppies can be a handful, but chasing them has surprising health benefits. They keep us constantly exercising, which helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Who knew puppies could help us revamp our workout routine? Plus, they make us laugh, which is great medicine!

How to Celebrate National Puppy Day

  1. Teach your pup a new trick
    In their young age, puppies are always open to new things, and teaching a trick can be a great learning experience for both of you. Activities like these can help further develop your puppy’s social skills and even strengthen your companionship—your pup will enjoy the extra treats along the way too!
  2. Pamper your pup
    Sometimes your pup is worthy of a 5-star spa treatment. Start with a bubble bath and end with a grooming session to bring out their baby soft coat. An extra belly rub can’t hurt too—your pooch will be sure to thank you later!
  3. Look at photos and videos of adorable puppies
    Puppies are always the best medicine, no matter your state of mind. There are so many you might be at it for a while.