New Years – Holiday Hazards/Phobias

New Year’s Eve brings fireworks, parties, house guests, and more, however some of these things also bring dangers to your pets. Here are a few important reminders to keep your animals safe during the festivities.

Many animals are terrified of fireworks, and it’s best to just keep them indoors and away from fireworks and firework displays. The noise is the worst part for them so try to keep the blinds/drapes closed and put on a calm TV show or music in the house to try to use positive noise to distract from the booms!  Take your dog on a long walk during the day New Year’s Eve to give it plenty of exercise before the activities start as this could help take down the anxiety a little.  For cats, keep some pet toys and treats handy to help distract them (provided they have not already taken cover!).  In addition to possible burn injuries from fireworks, they are also poisonous to pets if ingested as they contain hazardous, harmful chemicals so please keep them out of reach of your pet.

We also have several anti-anxiety medications available to help your pet remain calm during the fireworks.  Some require a prescription but others are over the counter supplements.  Call or come by for details.

Parties, while a lot of fun, can also bring dangers to pets. Food is a big one and it’s important to keep human food out of reach of dogs, in particular chicken bones (and other types of bones), spicy foods, alcoholic beverages and chocolate.  Parties are also prime venues for pet escapes with people going in and out, and doors being left open accidentally by guests. Make sure that the animals have a quiet room, crate, or space where they can go do rest or retreat to if things get too noisy or active for them.  Anti-anxiety medications can help here too.

Lost Pets
Scared animals are also inclined to bolt or run away which means they could become lost or even injured by a car. Every New Year’s Eve there is a huge spike in lost pets and a large part of that is due to the two items above (fireworks and parties). Be sure to have an up to date ID tag on pet’s collars, and if possible get them micro-chipped.