Our Mission

At Animal Medical Clinic, our mission is to maintain and improve the health of our patients by providing high quality veterinary care and exceptional client service. We focus our attention on four core values that we came to agreement on as a team:


  • For Clients – Feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for clients is the foundation of exceptional client service.
  • For Pets – We are passionate about animals and find fulfillment in caring for them. Our love and concern for them is why we want to provide them with quality medical care.
  • For each other – Feeling and displaying kindness, respect and concern towards each other is the foundation of cooperation and teamwork.


  • People can depend on us, and have confidence in us. We are reliable. We tell the truth. We keep our promises.


  • We are sincerely dedicated to our Vision, Mission and Purpose.


  • We choose to live according to high ethical standards. Our actions are consistent with those standards.

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