Pet Appreciation Week

Most of us are so grateful for our pets; a week set aside to appreciate them hardly seems like enough. However, this holiday week was created in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association to start an awareness campaign that honors the significance of our furriest companions. And since its inception 38 years ago, the idea of pets has changed drastically, mostly due to campaigns like this one. We now consider our pets family and will do almost anything to help them stay happy, healthy, busy, and warm.


From June 3-9, we’re celebrating “Pet Appreciation Week” as a stretch of showing gratitude for pets. They do so much for us – from loving you unconditionally to alleviating stress and keeping you healthy to even getting you outside for a walk. Here are some easy ways to pay them back:

  • Pass out those extra super delicious treats, freeze a peanut butter Kong, or even bake up some pupcakes.
  • Treat your cat to some catnip!
  • Extend your dog’s walks that week
  • Get a new toy for your cat. Cat toys range from a feather on a string to battery operated toys that your cat can chase
  • Coordinate pup playdates with your dog’s BFF, whether that’s a rowdy trip to the dog park or a meet-n-greet at a local dog-friendly beach.
  • Play fetch for 15 minutes longer than usual.
  • Give you cat a good grooming session
  • Probably not as fun, but just as important, this week make an effort to focus on your pet’s health. That means brush their teeth, book a vet appointment, and notice if they have any health issues you’ve been avoiding.
  • Sign up for pet insurance! Your pet deserves the best medical care, and sometimes us pet parents don’t have the savings to afford it. By enrolling in pet insurance early, you avoid pre-existing condition exclusions, and your pet will be covered in the future.


It goes without saying that you appreciate your pets every day, always, but this week, being mindful will not only fill you with gratitude, but your pet will definitely love it too.