Senior Pet Preventive Care

Whether you have watched your pet age or you have adopted an older pet, senior pet care is very different than caring for a younger animal. As your pet ages, you will notice tell-tale signs that they are entering their senior years, with greying facial hair and decreased mobility. Providing your pet with proper nutrition and superior care can increase their lifespan and ensure further comfort during their last remaining years.  For example, pets that are kept at an optimal body weight live longer.

During your pet’s senior preventive care exam we take into account the health risks for which senior pets may be at risk, including joint problems, obesity, gum disease, and diabetes.  All pets should be seen at least once a year, but as they get older, we may recommend that senior patients come in every six months to ensure problems which can be unseen have not developed.

We are strong believers in the importance of screening lab work, especially for older pets.  Often we can pick up a change in the lab work before you or we notice a clinical problem.  Instead of “putting out fires”, let’s address the issue before your pet is in a crisis.  It is almost always less expensive and more effective to address problems early.

If your dog or cat is due for a senior exam, schedule an appointment today by calling us at 727-2421 (Melbourne), 724-2277 (Indialantic) or 724-2110 (Melbourne Beach).