Stop a Flea Infestation Before it begins

Preventing an infestation

Have you ever heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”  That certainly applies to flea control. The best way to prevent an infestation is to stop it before it begins! When winter turns to spring and the weather starts to get warm, don’t wait until you notice fleas on your pets or their playmates. You’ll have a much happier home if you follow these easy steps:

Keep your home clean. Vacuum your house regularly, especially if you have deep pile rugs, and make sure your pet’s favorite spaces are regularly cleaned/washed, aired out, and preferably getting plenty of sunlight.

  • Clean yards fend off more than ticks. Keeping a clean yard, including mowed lawns and trimmed foliage, will drastically reduce the potential population of fleas in your outdoors. Keeping any trash, especially foods, carefully sealed for disposal will help keep away other animals that are likely to harbor fleas.
  • Use flea treatments. There are a number of options for flea treatments available based on the type of pet and their age, including medications that also prevent heartworms.  Always read the instructions carefully to avoid harming your pet instead of helping them – especially with cats because certain over the counter products used on dogs are toxic to cats.  And of course, always feel free to come in and talk to our staff about what treatments are best for your pet.  You can also check out the Flea Prevention page on our web site:
  • Consider professional pest control. This option isn’t always in a pet owner’s budget, and it should always be considered carefully to ensure the best health for your pets, plants, and fish. This can also help prevent other potentially nasty bugs from biting you and your animals, including mosquitoes.