VMX Conference

From January 14-18, many of our doctors and CVT’s attended the VMX (Veterinary Meeting and Expo) in Orlando. This is an international annual meeting with veterinarians from all over the world attending. There was approximately 26,000 veterinarians who attended this year’s VMX!

Some of the scientific sessions attended included the following:

Dr. Kaufman attended a wet lab in Advanced Abdominal ultrasound. She also attended classes such as, Mastering Treatment of Mammary Masses: Cats vs Dogs and GI endoscopy: foreign body removal

 Cammie’s favorite lecture dealt with feline behavior and ways to make their veterinary visit less stressful for the patient, staff and owner.

Dr. Long attended a class that is relevant to many of our patients which had to do with managing pruritis, or itch. Some of the takeaways he would like our clients to know are that around 80% of pets with environmental allergies have concurrent Flea Allergy Dermatitis. This is including patients whose owners have never seen a flea on their pet before. And while you may not see fleas it does not mean they aren’t there, but your furry friend can still be suffering from a flea allergy/infestation. This is why being consistent with good preventative medication like Sentinel, Simparica Trio, Trifexis or Bravecto is so important.

Dr. Jarnot attended a class on a novel treatment for feline diabetes called Bexacat (coming this spring). It’s a class of drugs that is highly praised in human medicine, and the first of its kind for our veterinary patients. It is given orally rather than requiring twice daily insulin injections. It controls blood sugar levels and the clinical signs of diabetes without the risk of hypoglycemia.

She also attended a class on caring for senior/geriatric cats and dogs. She learned about some new resources/products that can help these patients navigate their daily lives and basic functions at home.

 Dr. Postiglione attended classes on dermatology, behavior, emergency medicine and nutrition.